“Promotional tours” for Coronación neighbours

"Promo-Tour" for district heating and retrofitting in Vitoria-Gasteiz

25 Apr 2018

VISESA is currently carrying out promotional tours for the neighbours of Coronación District in order to demonstrate the different interventions that are also planned for Coronación District within the framework of SmartEnCity Project.

On Friday March 23rd, Coronación residents had the opportunity to see other retrofitting activities carried out in Vitoria Gasteiz and to visit a biomass heating network similar to the one that SmartEnCity project will deploy in the heart of the district, near Aldabe civic centre.

Twenty-six attendees were introduced to the different types of technical solutions for façades that are proposed for the rehabilitation of the Coronación neighbourhood of Vitoria Gasteiz. The visits to “Cuadrilla de Laguardia” and “Avenida Gasteiz” streets served as a showcase to see "the before and after" of a renovated building with a ventilated façade, another building on “Alfredo Donnay” Street served as an example of a ETICS façade (External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems).

Later, the biomass heating installation located between “Adriano VI” and “Avenida Gasteiz” streets was visited, to underline the advantages and benefits of a district heating network.

Attendees valued very positively the possibility to get a glimpse of the future and to experience for themselves on what their neighbourhood will look like after the SmartEnCity retrofitting works. For all who could not come to this tour, there is a little consolation: New tours have been scheduled for later in April and during May.