Senior Citizens radio programme

Looking through a keyhole: Senior Citizens radio programme explains SmartEnCity project

24 Apr 2018

"What does SmartEnCity stand for?", "What is happening within our neighbourhood?" and "What does this mean for us inhabitants?" These and other questions were raised during a one-hour radio programme, produced by a group of senior citizens. VISESA’s architect Oskar Bell was invited by “La Mirilla” Radio Show from “Siberia FM” Radio Station to explain SmartEnCity project in detail.

The Cultural Association Siberia-Gasteiz, produced this broadcast, a free radio and social workshop through Siberia FM. This Radio Station is born with the aim of promoting radio broadcasting in Vitoria Gasteiz in a free way with social and cultural purposes that allow "ordinary citizens" to be able to express their opinions and concerns through a radio station.

“La Mirilla” Radio Show (“The Peephole” in English) is a radio programme directed and carried out by the students of the "Amanecer (Sunrise)" Radio Workshop of the Sociocultural Centre for Seniors Citizens from Coronación District - which is the demo district where all SmartEnCity activities are going to take place.

"Do you remember the old peepholes that our houses used to have? Yes, those little windows or barred doors that served to look when someone rang the bell. That is exactly what this programme wants to be, a peephole to see, with the eyes of the citizen, what surrounds us, the good and the bad things; a peephole that entertains us, that informs us ...“, explained one of the seniors, ... "and this time we would like to take a look at SmartEnCity project!"

VISESA’s architect Oskar Bell made the most of the situation to explain thoroughly the objectives of the project, focusing on the tasks that have a direct impact on the district like the retrofitting works and the implementation of the new District Heating Network. The interviewers were particularly interested in the funding scheme and in the compatibility of the different funding sources. Another “hot” topic, quite literally, was the biomass boiler. Oskar Bell explained why this particular technology was selected, underlining the advantages of using woodchips from our local forests as being one of the most accessible and sustainable resources.

Thus, the peephole was used by this group of senior citizens to get first-hand information and to clarify all doubts and concerns about SmartEnCity project.

If you would like to know more about the project (and speak Spanish), just listen to the radio programme in full length.

The picture shows the radio workshop, done by the Sociocultural Center for Elderly People of Coronation. With Magdalena, Pilar, Tere, Vicenta, Antonio, José María, Gabi and Quiri. Interview with Oskar Bell, technician from Visesa, who explains the SmartEnCity project for the neighbourhood of Coronation.