Sonderborg: Smart Mobility Event 5th May 2018

Sonderborg: Smart Mobility Event 5th May 2018

Huge interest for green vehicles at Sonderborg event

22 May 2018

On Saturday 5th May 2018 ProjectZero in collaboration with Sonderborg Municipality hosted the smart mobility event “Meet a Green Vehicle” where citizens were able to test drive and experience a broad range of zero carbon vehicles.

From early in the day 7 local car and 4 bike dealerships were getting ready for the possibly largest smart mobility event in the area. The sun was shining and the temperatures rising fast begging citizens to come out and experience the full array of green vehicles assembled. On display was a varied selection of 9 electric and 12 hybrid cars as well as a broad selection of electric and normal bikes.

Furthermore, the approximately 50 electrical vehicles at the 7th annual Tour de Flens race across the Danish-German border immediately caught the eye of everyone passing by. Smart mobility is a crucial part of the SmartEnCity project, but this event extended beyond the reaches of the project.

The interest was extensive and curious individuals showed up long before the official opening of the event. An estimated 1,000 citizens participated in the event over the time period from 10.00 – 15.00. As a part of the event citizens were able to test drive both e-cars and e-bikes. The ease with which one could e-bike uphill without breaking a sweat, and the calmness of the e-cars surprised several in the audience.

As icing on the cake one of the local car dealerships had brought a hydrogen car to showcase along with the e-cars to help inspire the public to view future transportation with an open mind.

The evaluation of the event showed that it was a success for all partners and the project group expect to make the event annual in extension to the Tour de Flens.