Tartu: Bicycle Sharing System

Canadian Company is winning Tartu’s bicycle tender

24 May 2018

The Canadian company Bewegen Technologies Inc. has been successful in the public procurement for Tartu’s bicycle sharing system. In addition, Terasteenus OÜ was selected for the design and construction of the bicycle sharing system’s parking areas. In total, the Tartu City Government provided almost 3 million Euros for the realisation of this project.

Out of four tender submissions to the public procurement, Bewegen Technologies Inc (Canada) was selected to be the winner.

 In order to make the necessary preparations for the bicycle sharing system, a contractor was sought to construct the parking areas. The successful applicant, OÜ Terasteenused, will be in charge of designing and building the foundations for bicycle parking areas to such a state of completion that the supplier will be able to install the parking equipment in the designated places. In all locations, OÜ Terasteenused is also responsible for ensuring that an electrical connection will be available

 The contract with the Canadian company Bewegen Technologies Inc. comprises the bicycles, docks, exterior information boards and a software solution for administering the bicycle sharing system. The equipment will be vandal-proof, user-friendly, and functioning within Estonia’s climatic conditions, with a guarantee of 5 years.

 The future bicycle parking areas consist of modules (4–5 docks per module), in order to ensure flexibility in the construction and relocation of the parking areas. Moreover, the software must include different modules (user, operator, technician, and owner) in (at least) Estonian and English. The bicycles can then be used with the Tartu bus card and a mobile app.

 Based on the plans, the bicycle sharing system will remain open year-round using electric bicycles that will only be removed from circulation and placed into storage if the temperature drops below -3 °C. Also, standard bicycles can be easily reconfigured into electric bicycles and vice versa, if needed.

 According to Deputy Mayor Raimond Tamm, bicycle sharing will become a part of Tartu’s public transportation system. ‘In the future, the electronic travel card will, based on the user's wishes, allow one to rent a bicycle or ride on an intra-urban bus. During the first stage, a total of 600 bicycles (of which 400 are electric) are planned for the system, along with 60 bicycle parking areas located across the entire city,’ explained the Deputy Mayor. ‘Our goal is to have the bicycle sharing system completed and tested by the end of this year, with a full-scale launch by the spring of 2019, at the latest,’ added Tamm.

 The construction of the bicycle sharing system is being financed by the city’s budget, the Tartu bike sharing project, which is financed with EU structural funds, and the European Commission’s project SmartEnCity.

 Further information: Raimond Tamm, Deputy Mayor of Tartu, Tel: 515-4738.