One of the aspects about SmartEnCity that makes it so special is that the solutions are tangible; thousands of people living in the SmartEnCity cities can see, feel, hear, interact with, and experience the solutions implemented in this project. Of course, there are pages upon pages of text that describe the solutions, but sometimes it is better to see those solutions in action. To this end, we have developed several videos which provide an overview of SmartEnCity, detail the methodologies used, and showcase the solutions implemented in each city. These videos are for anyone, so please, sit back, select a video, and get inspired. 

How to use & tips

  • Simply go to the SmartEnCity videos page, explore the videos, and select the one you want to watch first!  Take a stroll in the Tartu pilot area to look at murals, travel to Sonderborg to see EV charging stations or visit sunny Vitoria-Gasteiz to tour their biomass district heating station. Don’t forget to check out our Follower Cities as well and watch the videos of Lecce and Asenovgrad, too!
  • The city of Tartu also has an entire SmartEnCity playlist with videos specific to Tartu! To view the videos, select the following link: Tartu SmartEnCity playlist
  • Sonderborg has also shared several videos of how they have done things in their city. To view the videos, go to: ProjectZero YouTube channel. Or watch a video of the citizen engagement process in Sonderborg here: Sonderborg Forsyning YouTube video.
  • Tartu and Sonderborg also created videos with support of SCIS, showcasing the journeys of the cities: Tartu video and Sonderborg video.
  • Feel inspired and what to get into action? We advise you to start from the City Check-up Assessment and Cities4ZERO methodology.
  • Want to learn more about the Lighthouse City solutions? We have plenty to share from energy efficiency and mobilityto ICTand citizen engagement.

Links to more information

Find all videos here - SmartEnCity videos 
Find SmartEnCity Lighthouse videos here SmartEnCity Lighthouse videos - YouTube 
Find videos of Tartu in SmartEnCity here - Tartu SmartEnCity playlist 
Find videos of Sonderborg in SmartEnCity here – ProjectZero Sonderborg
Find the video of the 100% Climate Neutrality Conference in Sonderborg here – Seeing is believing virtual tour 
Find SmartEnCity videos on other channels here - SmartEnCity in other channels