ICT Solutions

ICT solutions not only help make life easier by providing simple, helpful data but they also play a crucial part in integrating all the smart systems of a city into a comprehensive whole.


  • Urban management system – the platform aims to supply the city with a solution where all existing ICT systems will be integrated and provide a solution for the systematic migration of sectorial legacy systems into the new city platform. The platform is used to monitor the performance of all the project’s interventions, i.e. energy use in the retrofitted neighborhood, mobility (EVs, route optimization etc.), and to connect with citizens.


  • Smart home solution – one of the additional measures besides fully retrofitting Tartu’s pilot area apartment buildings is installing smart home systems in each of the apartments. In essence, this is a tablet computer near the front door of each apartment (and an app) that enables the residents to monitor their energy consumption and control their indoor climate. In the future, the consumption data will be accessible to third parties such as SMEs and startups for building up innovative services! 
  • Tartu ICT platform – the aim of the platform is to collect and analyze city-wide data, both public and private, and to provide a user-friendly interface for any regular user who wishes to see real-time information about their city. The platform is also used to monitor the retrofitted pilot area, buses and bike sharing bikes, and much more. Initially designed for Tartu, the ICT platform was then also adapted for Sonderborg’s case.


  • Sonderborg ICT platform – the city’s long-term vision is to build a Digital Ecosystem for city data and services by integrating various data inputs and sensor systems together into one city ICT platform, where anyone could add their own Value Services on top of the provided city platform. The city portal has both an Open Data portal and a My Data portal reserved for citizens’ private data. Sonderborg’s ICT platform is a replication of Tartu’s ICT platform and since its deployment, 966 data devices have been connected and more than 110 GB of data has been generated!

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