Each newsletter includes sections on all Lighthouse and Follower Cities – recent news, activities, and upcoming plans – in addition to news from the SmartEnCity Network, and past and upcoming events. As part of a larger Lighthouse Cities community in the EU, newsletters often feature news from sister projects as well, making them a valuable resource for receiving all your Lighthouse project news in one place. For your convenience, here are the newsletters from each year of the project:

  • The first newsletter in 2016 introduces the project and the plans of the Lighthouse Cities (09/2016).
  • In 2017, we took a closer look at our Follower Cities’ plans (01/2017) and introduced the first concrete solutions our Lighthouse cities decided on once the theoretical frameworks were in place (09/2017).
  • By 2018, the implementation phase was in full swing with the first solutions already realized (02/2018) and the SmartEnCity Network continuing to expand (09/2018).
  • In 2019, retrofitting took central stage in Tartu and Vitoria-Gasteiz (02/2019) while Sonderborg launched their innovative city ICT platform (10/2019).
  • In 2020, the SmartEnCity Academy kicked off with their first lesson (04/2020) as the implementation phase was slowly drawing to a close with partners doing their best despite the global pandemic (10/2020).
  • By 2021, the project successfully applied for an extension to finish the last of its activities and monitor the performance of the already implemented solutions (06/2021).

How to use & tips

• As newsletters are published twice a year, there are not an overwhelming amount of them. The dates in the name of each archived newsletter help you with getting your bearings: time travel to any year in the project and see how the SmartEnCity project was developing!

• If you’re already in the spirit of exploring the SmartEnCity journey, be sure to also check out the SmartEnCity Academy, videos, webinars and Network bulletins.

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