SmartEnCity Network Bulletins

The SmartEnCity Network Bulletins are regularly published every eight weeks. As a regular newsletter, it informs about SmartEnCity Network activities and focuses on topics related to replication. In each bulletin, the latest news from each Lighthouse City is introduced, along with useful references. The newsletter also includes “the EU corner”, which provides interesting information on the activities of the project that are open to other followers, replicators and partners, such as news on the latest webinars, publications, and so on.

How to use & tips:

  • The Network bulletins are a great source for learning about what the Lighthouse, Follower, and Network Cities have accomplished and finding inspiration for your city’s path of replication.
  • If you are not already a subscriber, the SmartEnCity project webpage has a complete list of all the published bulletins which can be browsed in whichever order. Each bulletin has a short description of its content so you can easily find the topics that interest you the most.
  • To learn more about the community that the bulletins talk about and see what else they’ve been up to, go to SmartEnCity Network.

Links to more information:

Find the bulletin here - Network bulletins