ProjectZero – is the ambitious vision for transitioning the Municipality of Sonderborg into a ZERO carbon community by 2029. A public private partnership supports the implementation by adding structure and funding. The ProjectZero Company (ZERO) drive the implementation together with key local stakeholders. 

Priority is given to improving energy efficiency (across all society sectors and stakeholders) and electrification of the energy and transport system. The SmartEnCity has a perfect match and speed up the implementation. A 35% reduction in CO2 has already (by 2015) been accomplished, and the milestone goal for Roadmap2020 is another 15%, totaling 50% by 2020.

Role in the project

ProjectZero master key Sonderborg coordination roles within WP5, support other WP2 clarification, planning, capacity building issues and drive in cooperation with other project-members, the WP8 replication and WP9 dissemination of the project results to other cities across Europe.