SmartEnCity Videos

General SmartEnCity Presentation Video

Video on the kick-off of the citizen engagement activities in SmartEnCity Lighthouse City Sonderborg

Introduction of new Bio-Buses in Lighthouse City Sonderborg

Video on retrofitting of SAB social housings in Sonderborg

Video "SmartEnCity - Vitoria Gasteiz - CoronaciĆ³n District project details" 

Video on SmartEnCity activities in Lighthouse City Tartu

Giving a voice to neighbours of CoronciĆ³n Demo District

The smart city district is buzzing with renovation works

Story of Lighthouse City Tartu after five years of SmartEnCity project

Retrofitting Part 2 in Vitoria-Gasteiz with citizens having the floor

Efforts taken in Follower City Lecce to become a smart, carbon free city

Asenovgrad's way towards SmartZeroCarbonCity

Sonderborg Climate Neutrality Conference / Smart energy cities as frontrunners: Planning and Execution of Integrated Energy Plans from SmartEnCity Project

Sonderborg Climate Neutrality Conference / Seeing is believing virtual tour through SmartEnCity Lighthouse Solutions

Demo activities of Lighthouse City Sonderborg in the frame of SmartEnCity project

Bike share in Lighthouse City Tartu

Artworks on renovated buildings in Lighthouse City Tartu