AS Fortum Tartu

Fortum Tartu is a holding company for various heat and power producers and sellers of heat and power as well as producers and suppliers of local fuels. Fortum Tartu has actively increased the use of renewable fuels in generating heat and electricity, established a modern CHP plant and district cooling solution in Tartu. 

Role in the project

One idea to be tested in Tartu project is combination of district heating and cooling where heat pump, installed to return flow of to be built district cooling system, produces heat for district heating system using recovered waste heat from cooling. Fortum Tartu has biofuel fuelled CHP plant in Tartu that secures that most of the heat used in district heating is produced from renewable fuels. Planned district cooling system will use free cooling from October to April and part of electricity for cooling production comes from PV panels that will cover the facade of the district cooling plant. So the combined meets consumer demands for thermal indoor comfort and domestic hot water while retaining high energy efficiency and high share of renewable energy. Piloting this and district cooling system will be accompanied by an in-depth e-monitoring application (based on smart meters) that collects real-time data on energy consumption and thus demonstrates the effectiveness of the solutions. Fortum Tartu will invest in such district heating and cooling system