Takso OÜ is a taxi company operating under the trademark Elektritakso.

Elektritakso operates with electric cars only. Starting in spring 2012 in Tartu with one Nissan Leaf, it quickly developed so that in September same year a dispatcher service with 5 cars was initiated. In June 2014, the expansion to Pärnu was followed by the one in Tallinn in November 2014. This means that the rate of growth was stably over 100% per year.

Today  Elektritakso  has got 3 offices and an IT department, 50 Nissan Leafs, 1 Tesla Model S, 140 taxi drivers, 16 dispatchers, 5 car washing people and 8 other staff persons

The taxi dispatching system http://ellis.cloud/ is specially designed for EV usage and is constantly evolving towards perfection