ETIC-Embedded Technologies Innovation Center

ETIC-Embedded Technologies Innovation Center s. coop. (ETIC) has the mission of generating new business in the domain of the Smart Cities by using ICT technologies. The team of ETIC accumulates knowledge and proven experience in technologies such as intelligent systems, multimodal interfaces; natural user interfaces; wireless sensor networks; cloud computing based applications; web services; business Intelligence, Big Data based solutions, mobile apps...

The aim of ETIC is to conceive, design, develop and validate new ICT-based products and services that can be used in diverse domains such as home, buildings, health, energy management, industry, automotive and transportation, administrations and municipalities, cities, tourism, people ... In short, in all areas of Smart Cities in ICT play and will play a key role. ETIC’s web is

Role in the project

ETIC has been working and developing new solutions for energy efficiency and energy management in different spaces as streets, city areas, buildings and, of course, in homes. ETIC has already developed a cloud based solution for the management of electrical consumption in the street lighting and street devices. The technicians, town managers and any responsible of city infrastructure can visualize  all the relevant information concerning with energy consumption, efficiency, alarms, costs,…Some business intelligence mechanisms are also available to build a continuous improvement in the energy efficiency.