SmartEnCity Network

Establishing the SmartEnCity Network has been an important and integrated part of SmartEnCity, especially for the large-scale replication of the systemic approaches demonstrated throughout the project. It is integrated in the sense that the SmartEnCity Network connects and replicates the findings of the SmartEnCity Lighthouse and Follower Cities with the ambitions and needs for similar systemic transitions in small and medium-sized cities across Europe, which is the main target group of the SmartEnCity Network.

The SmartEnCity Network invites cities, urban planners and associated experts across Europe to join the SmartEnCity effort to co-create Smart Zero Carbon Cities. The Network members commit themselves to sharing their ambitions, results and best practice learnings based on an integrated action-oriented approach with strong citizen participation. The vision is to enable Europe´s small and medium-sized cities to become fast economically growing Smart Zero Carbon Cities. The SmartEnCity team offers the Network honest proven experiences, inspirational cases, integrated approach insights, knowledge sharing, tools and learnings from the three SmartEnCity Lighthouse projects including utilities and industrial partners, our two Followers and our numerous Network cities. You do not have to be a capital city to make a major difference!  The following five-step model has been created to secure a dynamic and robust process for how network cities can be exposed, engaged, committed, trained and awarded, as participants of the SmartEnCity Network: 1) Create Awareness 2) Create Engagement 3) Create Attitude 4) Replicate Approach 5) Award. 

This strategy has been further developed and now also includes the establishment and operation of the national city networks in the five focus countries of the SmartEnCity project (Estonia, Denmark, Spain, Bulgaria and Italy), based on experience gained from the network in Denmark, which is the outcome of SmartEnCity network activities in Denmark. The development of the national based networks is considered one of the most crucial parts that will allow for wide replication of the SmartEnCity outcomes, solutions, methods the updated strategy of the SmartEnCity Network with the aim of reaching 15+ cities that will be willing to replicate the Integrated Energy Planning method. This model has also been a communication strategy which has allowed the Network to grow and reach its goal of 60 city members.

The SmartEnCity Network offers the following value to its network members:

  • Already tested smart energy (Lighthouse city) solutions;
  • Learning experiences from all SmartEnCity Network members across Europe;
  • News from the Network members;
  • Newsletters about the SmartEnCity (twice a year);
  • SmartEnCity Network Bulletins (6 times a year);
  • Invitations to SmartEnCity Network meetings and capacity-building workshops;
  • The opportunity/invitation to start a national SmartEnCity Network in your country (beyond the five Lighthouse and Follower Cities’ countries);
  • Introduction to the integrated energy planning concept and Cities4ZERO methodology;
  • Assessment of cities according to the integrated energy planning process and providing personal feedback based on cities’ answers (see also City Check-up Assessment);
  • Two series of webinars in the form of online training courses for cities;
  • Opportunity to be visible on the SmartEnCity Network platform, learn about and share your best practices;
  • A national/regional platform for the most ambitious cities/municipalities where they can exchange ideas, develop common procedures and methodologies for smart integrated energy planning and possibility to influence their own national framework conditions.

How to use & tips

  • The Network platform is designed to provide smart city solutions and initiatives by topic. Simply use the “filter” option below the Network map to browse for the solutions of interest to you. You have the opportunity to also click on the pins on the Network map – this way, you will be able to see all the smart city solutions that a certain city has. If you are interested in finding out what the national Networks are doing and how they are collaborating, click on the yellow pins and be inspired. Scroll down to the news section and browse the archive to read about progress regarding various solutions that the Lighthouse and Follower Cities have been implementing.
  • Want to learn more about what the Network has been up to? Why not explore the SmartEnCity Academy and the Network bulletins
  • What about the wider smart city community that the SmartEnCity Network is positioned in? Find out more in the External resources section.


Don’t worry about whether or not your city might be “eligible” for the SmartEnCity Network. Indeed, the Network has been focusing on engaging the most ambitious cities that want to replicate the smart zero carbon city strategy, but the Network is really for every city. You can learn and be inspired even if you are only now starting.

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